President –  Debbie Staley

1st Vice President – Jeff Pingsterhaus

Secretary/Treasurer – Charlene Neukomm

Past President – Brad Grotefendt


President’s report
March, 2018


I think that it is important for us to periodically look at our objectives and make those adjustments that need made. We should strive to be better at achieving goals and recognize that the mission stays the same, but our methods may change. Times change, people change, and methods change but the passion for the goal and the goals should remain.


So, speaking of objectives and goals, let’s look at IASCOE’s objectives:

  1. To strive to maintain and improve the confidence, esteem and respect of the public for the FSA County Employees and the Farm Service Agency Committees;
  2. To cooperate with the Illinois State FSA Committee; the State Executive Director and his staff and to improve FSA in Illinois;
  3. To strengthen the National Association of FSA County Office Employees;
  4. To be considered as and placed on an equal basis with other Federal employees;
  5. To promote the status of its membership and the professional improvement of all FSA County


When we serve the employees of the State and think about these objectives, are we conducting ourselves in a manner that will remain true to these aims?   My in-laws had a practice of telling
their children (when they were teenagers) something every time they left the house, “Remember
who you are!”  Same concept holds true in many things that we do.  Our actions, words, and motives are all a reflection on us, our company, or our organization.   Do you represent well?

I see the key words are “improve”, “respect”, “cooperate”, and “strengthen”.   As IASCOE Board Members, we are the face of the organization in our State.  This is a big responsibility and putting
our best foot forward will help build a strong team and a stronger organization.

Respectfully Submitted,
Debbie Staley
IASCOE President